Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ethan is a busy guy!

This month has been a big month for our 5-year old! He started swimming lessons and soccer all in the same week.

Monday, April 11th was the beginning of it all! He has been so excited to start swimming lessons, unlike his sisters when they started.  He was ready to leave the house about 20 minutes early.

Ready to hit the showers before heading out to the pool.
Waiting so patiently for the teacher to call his name.
The cheering section up in the observation room...Wayne got to come along for our first day to check it out. He gets to start lessons in just a couple of weeks.
Ethan didn't have a problem doing anything that his teacher asked him to do, even putting his face in the water.
He had a blast and was so excited to return on Wednesday!! It's so nice to finally have a child excited about swimming lessons. It sure does change Mommy's attitude about going...HA!

Tuesday, April 12th was the first day of soccer. This was a big day not only for Ethan but for Mommy too. The YMCA was short coaches. They originally called Tyler and Tanya to help out with coaching. (Wayne and Ethan are on the same team!) With Tyler's work schedule and Tanya being at the tail-end of tax season, they suggested that I take the head coach position and they would rotate with assistant coaching. I was a little reluctant to take the position because I have never coached soccer before, let alone played it. However, I am having so much fun with this team of 10 5-year olds. They are all motivated to learn and they don't have a clue that I don't know what I'm doing.

Here we are ready to go to our first practice.
The boys waiting so patiently out at the fields for practice to start.
I'm excited to see watch these boys play and learn this season. They are quite the little go-getters! We always tell them the more dirt on their elbows and knees, the harder they played! Now, it's a competition to see who can leave with the most dirt on the body.

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