Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our "not-so-much" baby is 12!

April 5th was a big day in our house! Our "baby" turned 12...preteen...AAGH!!! Where has the time gone? Brenna is becoming such a beautiful young lady. I absolutely love our one-on-one time, she is such a joy to chat with and just get to know better each day.

Because her birthday was during Spring Break, we were all home. Jason even had the week off! We continued on with our tradition of waking up the birthday child with singing Happy Birthday and pictures. It wasn't too early I promise!
We had a great relaxing morning just hanging out, having a little breakfast and then opening gifts. Of course, the birthday girl had a breakfast request...French Toast.

Alyssa and Ethan each had a little something to give Brenna. We then gave her our gifts and then finale' was her Hamster cage.
She was soooooo surprised! She has been asking for a hamster for so long. I had her convinced that we would never have a "rodent" living in our house. It was the best surprise!!

After lunch, we headed off to Petsmart for Brenna to pick out her hamster and "adopt" him. Of course, I forgot my camera but here is a picture of our new family member once we made it home.
Later that afternoon, Brenna's BFF, EmmaRae, came with a gift for Brenna and had a little something in it for her new hamster. I love that EmmaRae's mom and I had chatted about what Brenna was getting and they jumped on board and wanted to get her a ball for her hamster to run around the house in.
All in all, Brenna had a great day!

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