Saturday, April 30, 2011

Signs of Spring!!

We finally have had a few days of dry weather and the sun decided to visit!! The neighbor kids had pulled out a big box from their garage and all 5 kids worked on making a little house. They used sidewalk chalk to decorate the inside and outside of this box and were out there forever working on it. With the nasty, wet weather we've had lately, the kids haven't seen much of the neighbors so today was an exciting day!
I was excited because it was dry enough for our lawn to finally get mowed. This last fall, Jason worked with a friend of ours who owns a lawn care business for a couple of days and learned a few "tricks" so now we get a professional looking lawn job!! (Thanks Mark!)
I enjoyed a walk around the yard seeing all kinds of signs that Spring really is going to come!! My tulips make the front yard look so cheery!!
This tulip is a part of a red and yellow grouping and this year, we got a blended tulip. I have never seen anything like this.
This is the neighbor's cherry blossom tree is starting to bloom...this LARGE limb hangs way over the fence line and is starting to interfere with our apple trees so it will have to go.

My chicks and hens survived the winter and are really starting to look alive again!!
This is a plant that I got from my mom for my birthday. It's a type of mini daisy and the exciting thing is that it will get bigger each year. I have it in a spot that really needs some color during the spring but tulips don't do well in so this is just perfect! I absolutely love the coloring of the little flowers on it.
And last, but not least, my climbing hydrangea. I can't believe how many blossoms I'm finding on it this year. I'm use to seeing only 3 or 4 but this year there are already at least 7 that I can find. All my hard work with this thing is finally paying off! Can't wait for it to bloom this summer!!

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