Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ethan lost his first tooth!!

Tonight, while sitting on the couch, Ethan was wiggling his very loose tooth. He jumped up from the couch came running to me and said "uh". I looked down at him and saw his mouth opened and his tooth laying back and a little sideways. I calmly said, "Here buddy let me fix that for you." I just picked the tooth blood, no tears, nothing. It was the easiest moment of a tooth coming out in this house in a very long time. I guess this is the difference between boys and girls. The girls are so dramatic over loose teeth and Ethan, not at all. The only thing he wanted to do was call Wayne but because Wayne was already in bed, he told Auntie. His next phone call was Grammy. It was so cute to see him so excited.
My baby is growing up! Now...the tooth fairy can't remember to do her job tonight...HA!

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