Monday, May 9, 2011

Garden prepped...finally!!

Due to the very WET spring (leftover winter...HA!) that we have had, we haven't been able to get the garden ready as early as we normally do. We usually plant the garden Mother's Day weekend...not this year.

Jason has been working up the garden on any dry day we get and then my brother helped us get some compost today to add to the dirt. It happened to be another nice day so Jason took advantage of it and got the compost onto the garden and wasted no time pulling out his favorite "toy"... his tiller.

I had decided a few days ago that even though we couldn't actually plant in the garden, I needed to find a way to plant our seeds. My mom had read about planting seeds in egg shells so I had already been saving those just in case. Well, they came in very handy and I actually didn't have enough for what we needed to get started so I used another empty egg carton and just lined it with plastic wrap. Excited to see the little seedlings to start popping up and get them planted in the garden.
And, while out and about in the yard, I found more signs of spring!! My lilac tree is starting to bloom!!

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