Wednesday, September 2, 2009

1st day of school

Well, today is the 1st day of the 2009-2010 school year. It is hard to believe that Brenna has started 5th grade and that this is her last year at the elementary school.

Yesterday was meet and greet and the girls were able to take their school supplies and get them in their desks without the commotion of the first day of school going on. It was nice to be able to take our time and unload everything and get things put away.

We visited Alyssa's teacher, Mrs. VanDiest, first. We are thrilled to have Mrs. VanDiest as a teacher again!! She was Brenna's 2nd grade teacher also so we already have that teacher/parent relationship. Alyssa remembers going to Mrs. VanDiest's classroom for Brenna's class parties so it was a nice transition for won't be totally new to her.

Alyssa got busy unloading her backpack and putting things in just the right spot.
When we were finished in Alyssa's classroom, we headed down to the opposite end of the school for Brenna's classroom. Brenna's teacher this year is Mrs. Keller and she is going to have an amazing year. Mrs. Keller was sharing with the kids there what kind of things they would be doing...I'm not sure if Brenna was excited or freaked out when she heard that they would be disecting chicken hearts and chicken wings later on in the year. I just know the face she made was pretty funny.

Once she met her teacher and got the "low down" on what they would be doing in 5th grade, she and a friend that was there at the same time selected their desks...of course, they wanted to sit next to each other so it's a good thing there were lots of seats to choose from. (Brenna has 29 students in her least that's what they are starting with. I wonder how many more will be joining them or if anyone will be moving during the year? That's a lot of 5th graders in one room.) Once she decided on a seat/desk, she quickly got busy unloading her supplies...I'm really bummed that this picture is blurry...that's what happens when we have a busy 4-year old dancing around my legs while trying to take pictures.
This morning was a little busy, trying to get everyone ready and looking their best. We did it with time to spare for a few quick pictures. It didn't surprise me at all that Alyssa had decided on a skirt for the first day.
We got Brenna to her classroom first this morning and she took her seat for a quick picture before putting her backpack on the hooks. Her friend Kristen is on her left...Kristen is so funny...always gets silly when having her picture taken. I think the drop off for Brenna was the fastest drop off yet. Guess she really is getting older and is needing her mom less and less. :( That makes me sad but at the same time happy. She is really growing up so quickly.
Alyssa was next. She marked that she was taking hot lunch's pizza, what kid isn't taking hot lunch?! Then, hung her backpack up in the closet and took her seat. There was a picture waiting for her to color when she sat down.
And, her best friend, who is sitting right across from her, was waiting for her as well. The first day of 2nd grade could not have started out any better for Alyssa. Having Kylie there made her day!
Once Ethan and I got the girls settled, we were off. Ethan got to go spend a couple of hours with T-T (Aunt Trisha) this morning while I went to work at the bakery. And, now that we are home, I have plenty to do between now and when the girls get home. They were so excited to ride the school bus again and were very happy to hear that I was not picking them up...we only live a minute from school and their bus ride is 15 minutes. I guess that's 15 minutes longer with their friends that ride their bus. Hey, I aim to please! Can't wait to hear about their day!!!

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