Thursday, September 10, 2009

Exciting Weekend

This past weekend was busy but fun! Friday was my cousin's wedding. I am our church wedding coordinator so I was involved because of that but because Kara is my cousin, I told her she was getting the "royalty" treatment! I love weddings and I love doing whatever I can for the bride.

While Kara and I were meeting one night to go over wedding details, it came up that she didn't have transportation to their picture site. She was trying to figure out what would be best to ride in because of her dress. I told her that the problem was solved. I would just take out the center row of seats in the van and there would be plenty of room. So, that's exactly what we did. The week of the wedding, I decided that I wanted the van to look a little extra special for her. So, I went to the Dollar Tree in Bellingham and found this garland. I thought it looked great and it looked even better once we got Kara in the van. It was a very fun day and I was so honored to be as involved as I was. Kara is a very special girl and I am so happy for her!
Saturday morning was early...especially since Friday night had been a late one with the wedding. It was our first weekend of sports. Brenna had 8:00am volleyball turn out. She was so excited and she did so good! I think we have finally found a sport that she enjoys!! YAY!!!!! I am really looking forward to watching her games this fall. She is one the same team as two of her really good friends so that makes it even better. She can't wait for her first game this next weekend.
And then, we had Alyssa's soccer game, which started at 9:00. So, I actually missed most of it because of volleyball but that's the way things are going to be this fall for us. Both girls are playing through Lynden Youth Sports so both will have games on Saturdays. It will be hard to conquer and divide but we will make it.

Alyssa is actually doing really well with soccer. Two years ago when she "played", she just stood on the field and pretty much watched her team play around her. It was so frustrating. This year, is so different. I think taking a year off was a good thing and she told us that she wanted to try it again. I couldn't believe it when I got to the game and saw her running. And then, Jason informed me that she had been running the entire game, at least during the times when she was in the game, which was most of the time. I am looking forward to watching her play this year. She really enjoyed herself and that was fun to see!

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Tanya said...

Wow, a Scheib was RUNNING on the soccer field? This I've gotta come see!!! :-)