Thursday, September 3, 2009

School Pictures

Our family photographer did yet another amazing job. She is off of maternity leave and back at it. I wanted to share just a few of my favorites. I have had such a hard time deciding which pictures to order. They were all so least of the girls.

Brenna's pictures really show how much she has grown up and changed this past year. She has become such a beautiful, young lady....and, I don't think I'm being bias just because I am her mommy. Oops, I mean, mom. She's not really liking it these days when I refer to myself as mommy. :( See, she is growing up.
And then, there is our Miss Alyssa. We only get smiles like this for pictures from her when her auntie is the one behind the camera. I think they have a little secret between the two of them on how to get these smiles. ha! Alyssa has also changed a lot over the past year. I love how in her close ups you can see her freckles. She likes to refer to them as lots of beauty marks. That's our Alyssa!
I absolutely love the "sister" pictures. Yes, I ordered this first one in black and white and in a 5x7 to hang on their bedroom wall. I also ordered the next one and one other to put in their "sister" frames that they have.
I realize that we already did Ethan's 4 year pics but he didn't want to be left out of the action so we snapped a few of him while we were at it to add to our 4-year picture collection. He did a much better job smiling for Ashley back in July when we did his pictures than he did for auntie...goof! Here are the few good ones that we were able to get.
These little eyes just melt mommy's heart!
Being his silly self!
This was after several silly faces and looking away from the camera...I think auntie was getting very tired at this point. Ethan was quite the handful.
The day we did pictures, I was babysitting our little friend Dillon. We threw him in on the action as well and got some amazing pictures. If you want to see more of Dillon and his amazing pictures, click here. We quick grabbed a "Buddy" picture of the boys.
I can't wait to do our family pictures for our Christmas cards. Yes, I'm already thinking about Christmas card pictures and what I'm going to do for Christmas cards. If I don't, they may not happen this year.


Tanya said...

What happens between Alyssa and me stays between Alyssa and me! Now if only I could learn a trick for Ethan...

Snow Mommy said...

Great pics! I too am planning family pics for the Christmas card. My family photographer makes sure we get them done early (before she gets swamped!).