Friday, November 6, 2009

Auntie's Playday...

Wednesday was my AUNTIE DAY!!

Now that Tanya, my sis-in-law, has gone back to work (just 2 days a week), I have her boys one day a week (either Monday or Wednesday) and my brother has them the other. Ethan loves that his cousins/buddies come to play with him on a weekly basis now.

My sister is still involved with their tomato greenhouse so I also have my niece 2 days a week...Wednesdays and Fridays.

So...every other Wednesday I get all 4 kiddos on the same day. They think I'm crazy and a friend of mine called to see if I was surviving. This is my day to sit and do nothing but play with big kids and take care of babies!! We only had one moment of two babies crying at the same time but they were both suppose to be sleeping so they each had to take turns of crying it out for a few minutes before Auntie would go in and console them. I know, I know...mean Auntie you are thinking but this is what their mommies do so that's what Auntie needs to do too.

The big boys just played all morning together and had a great time getting out ALL of the toys in Ethan's room. They were so busy playing that I couldn't get them to all look up at me at the same time for a picture so I gave up and just captured the moment of them playing.
The room only got worse as the morning went.

Paige kept trying to escape the Family room to go find the boys and of course, that would upset them because, as they stated, "She's a girl and can't play with boy toys. She ruins our stuff." Sorry day they will let you play with them. So, Paige kept herself busy crawling around the rest of herself and pulling herself up where ever she could. I just love this smile of hers! (Paige had some adjustment time today... She is so use to being here with just Ethan and Auntie. She was not liking the fact that she was having to share Auntie with the other cousins. Amazing that she has that figured out at 9 months old.)
Then there was Wyatt...of course, I thought I would go in a capture the moment of him napping in Auntie's bed but instead I found this...
He was just laying there so peacefully. So, I took my picture and left. He did eventually go to sleep but not for very long. That was okay though because it meant more time for Auntie snuggles!!

Ethan eventually had to be at Preschool by 12:15...thank you Mom for getting him there! Loading 5 kids up for a 10 minute trip is where I draw the line! It's just not going to happen unless absolutely necessary.

Wayne helped me get the room picked up...he is such a great helper...and then it was time for Wayne and Weston to rest on the couch and watch Dora.

By 12:45, Trisha arrived for Paige and then Tanya came for the boys around 1:30. I had just over an hour to myself before having to get Ethan from Preschool. It was weird being in the house alone. There had been so much playing going on all morning. There had also been three crazy boys running and happily screaming through my house at different times of the morning as well. It was so fun having them all here. However, I will admit...having a good hour of silence before getting Ethan home again was nice.

I love these kids so much and can't wait for the next time that they are all here again!


Tanya said...

Wayne was all excited to see the pictures, and told me all about his day. Thanks for having them, they have so much fun! And keep taking advantage of that hour... I'm sure it goes all to fast, but you've earned it!

Janice said...

Don't forget the coffee visit to Aunt Jan!! You are such an awesome Auntie - You've been practicing for YEARS!! We love you!

Tanya said...

I would never forget my coffee visit with you Jan...but that was on Thursday my dear. :)