Sunday, November 8, 2009

"But that doesn't make sense!"


Only 15 minutes after posting...Ethan is sound asleep. Hmmm, I guess Dad and Mom do know best!


We are currently in the midst of a nap/rest battle with Ethan. It is seriously happening as I type this. I had to take a break from the battle and let Jason deal with it so that I could come and share this with all of you who love to read about our family.

We informed Ethan that it was time for his nap/rest. These only happen on Sundays lately and it helps get him through Christ Group. So, Jason had him come to me to give me loves and then walked him to his room. Of course, Ethan started crying so Jason shut the door and told him that when he was finished crying the door could be opened.

It wasn't 30 seconds after Jason walked away from the door that Ethan comes out and says, "I'm happy now so that means that I can stay up." We of course inform him that happy or sad, he is taking a rest. He looks straight at me and says, "But that doesn't make sense. Only sad boys have to take naps and I'm not sad. Happy boys get to stay up and play." We informed him that happy or sad, he was taking a nap and because he was arguing it was a nap and no longer a rest.

CHILDREN! The things they come up with.


Tanya said...

Now, that makes perfect sense to me. Happy=No Nap, Sad=Nap. What's the problem with that??? What he doesn't realize is that we don't mean "Happy right now" we mean "happy until you go to bed tonight!!!" Here's hoping his lack of sleep cousins aren't rubbing off on him. Way to lay down the law! (Don't tell him Auntie said that!)

Janice said...

It seems like just a short time ago we (as in you and us:-) were having this battle with Brandon!!!!