Sunday, January 9, 2011

Part 1 - I am so far behind!

Well, I realize it has been a couple of months since I actually sat down to put up a real post.

I wasn't sure I wanted to keep posting. I got to a point of just not feeling like posting or doing much of anything really. Today, I've decided that I need to get caught up with things and really start posting about life. Even if it's for nobody but myself to go back and read some day.

I will start with the end of October. We finished off Brenna's season of volleyball. We enjoyed watching her team play and had fun watching her improve more and more each week. Her team ended the season in 2nd place. We were actually tied for 1st place but because the team we were tied with actually beat us earlier in the season they got the 1st place trophies.

This brings us to Halloween. This year, it was just Alyssa and Ethan doing the real dressing up. Brenna has decided that she is too old to dress-up but didn't really want to give up on the trick-or-treating. We told her if she was going to go trick-or-treating than she needed to come up with something. So pajama girl she was.
We went trick-or-treating on Saturday night this year because with Halloween on a Sunday, that's when Lynden was doing it. We headed over to Todd and Trisha's so that the kids could spend the evening having fun with two of their cousins. It was fun to see them all enjoying themselves...especially fun watching Paige trying to keep up with all the big kids. She caught on very fast to what was going on.
Sunday night, the 31st, we spent the evening at the church for Noah Nite. This year, our family actually helped with one of the booths but Brenna and our friend, Emily, ran it most of the night.
By the end of the night, all of the cute little scarecrow heads that we had cut out, colored, and laminated had all fallen off. At least these bowing pins started out the evening by looking cute!

That brings us to November. I think this was probably the toughest month for us yet. We had been talking about what to do financially and whether or not we were going to keep the house and if we didn't what our options would be.

Jason and I headed off for the weekend of Nov. 12-14 and attended the FamilyLife Weekend to Remember. Thanks to Mom and Duane for allowing us to stay at their place in Birch Bay and a free registration that we had earned by putting together a group, the only thing we needed to worry about for the weekend was food and gas. The two of us can get away with not eating a lot and we had a gift certificate to use for the "date night" portion of the conference so we were set!

Friday night was a huge night for us. This was the first night of the conference. We thoroughly enjoyed the speakers and when we got back to the trailer we started talking about our marriage and how that was holding up through all of this financial stuff. Thankfully, things were and are great with us so it was mainly chatting about how we weren't going to let this financial stuff take over and ruin a good thing. We started talking and realized that God really had been carrying us through this past year financially and that realistically we should have never been able to make one mortgage payment all year but God had carried us through. However, the money for the mortgage just wasn't there for the month of November and we both felt like God was telling us it was time to take the next step and figure how to best get out of the house and be mortgage free. Paying rent sounded much more appealing than continuing with the dreaded mortgage payment.

We went through the rest of the weekend feeling at peace about our decision and would figure out the details once we got home. The rest of the weekend was spent at the conference and just enjoying the time alone for the two of us. We went to Bellingham on date night and went to dinner, walked around the mall for a bit people watching and then picked up ice cream and headed back out to Birch Bay for a movie and ice cream. As much as we love our kids and missed them, it was great to just have a weekend away to focus on us and not worry about being parents for a few days...thank you to those who had our kids!!

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