Sunday, January 9, 2011

Part 4 - Getting caught up little by little!

We worked hard on gathering the information we needed and on December 23rd, we faxed all paperwork requested for the loan modification to the mortgage company. It was nice to know that it is now our of our hands and it is just a matter of waiting to hear from the bank now.

We worked hard on getting things ready for Christmas with my family. It was our turn this year to host and we were all looking forward to having everyone here. My dear, sweet sister was great in coming to help with the table set-up and decor. I just don't have much of that and wanted the table to look great. I was excited that we would be able to use our china again. It's the only time we ever use it so it's always fun to try to "tie it in" with the table decor.

Christmas Eve morning came and everyone arrived...except for Tanya and Wayne. =( Wayne had come down with the flu the day before and they were hoping he would be feeling much better by morning but that just didn't happen. We all jumped in to help Tyler with Wyatt and Weston. This now was even a better reason for it to be our year to host. These boys are so use to spending time here that there really was no need to worry about what they may be in to, ect. (This has kind of become a second home to them while Daddy and Mommy work and I love that they are so comfortable here. So much so, that Wyatt went down for a nap mid-party and didn't even hesitate going to sleep in the playpen.)

The food was absolutely wonderful! And even though Tanya wasn't here, she was up early preparing what Tyler was to bring and it all tasted so good...made us miss her that much more!

Once we had the tables cleared and the extra table out and away, the kids joined us in the living room for gifts. It was so nice and relaxed with sweet little pauses in between the gifts so the kids could enjoy each one for just a little while.

Once gifts were finished, TyTy and the bigger kids moved to the family room to play a little Wii. Tyler doesn't have one of these so the kids were having fun beating him at the games. I think Alyssa totally out-bowled him!
By late afternoon, Wayne was feeling so much better so on our way to church that night we stopped by so Wayne and Ethan could have Christmas together...they had each others names in the name exchange...and yes, that was totally rigged!

All in all, it was a great day!

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Tanya said...

Okay, I SO need those pictures!!! So cute, I was disappointed not to be there this year. Next year!