Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Clam digging fun!

On Saturday we went out to Birch Bay and went clam digging. My entire family was there, except for my brother-in-law, Todd, because of work. We had a blast! The kids had fun just searching for shells and picking up star fish. Ethan and Wayne had fun splashing in the water. Grammy had taken dried bread and stale crackers along for the kids to feed the sea gulls. The guys, were a hoot to watch. We knew when they found a clam "hole" because they would dig fast and furious. Mom and I were the official clam cleaners...I think we had the "dirty" job! Tanya, my sister-in-law, was in charge of pictures and Trisha kept tabs on the kiddos. Brenna, my niece, was so proud of herself. She spotted a clam "hole" and Uncle Tyler started digging. This clam was huge, the biggest any of us had ever seen. We got 51 clams!! When we were finished with the clam digging, we all headed to Mom and Duane's "beach house" at Birch Bay Leasure Park. We barbecued and had a little surprise party for Mom's birthday. It was a great day! I'm looking forward to clam chowder!!

The clam digging crew...where's Tyler????

Brenna and Alyssa getting Grammy out to the beach.

Mom waiting for the first bucket of clams to come in for cleaning.

Brenna, my niece, Alyssa and Brenna searching for treasures...the boys checking out what they are doing.

Trouble 1 and Trouble 2...what are they scheming?

The best clam diggers around...Tyler, Duane and Jason...they were exhausted! Way to go guys!!

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