Friday, September 19, 2008

A day that every mom looks forward to!

Today was one of those days!! I got the girls on the bus, dropped Ethan off to Grammy (my mom) and then headed to Everson to meet my sister-in-law (or my sister as I like to refer to her), who had a babysitter for her boys. From there we hit Master's Blend for coffees to absolute must for this trip!...and found our way to I-5!!!!!!! We made a quick detour to Cash and Carry...we both needed coffee supplies for home, I think we have an addiction or something...from there, we were off to the Burlington Prime Outlets. We amazed ourselves with how much ground we covered before lunch. We shopped hard and came away with some great deals!! Lunch was spent at Olive Garden enjoying soup and salad and of course their famous breadsticks with marinara and alfredo sauces for our dipping pleasures! (Are you hungry yet?) We topped it off with their "limited time only" Pumpkin Cheesecake. By this point, we were ready for a nap. But....we had more shopping to do!! We made three more stops and then hit Starbucks. And, since we were in the area, we took coffee treats to my wonderful brother (who works in Burlington and had called to see if we were making a Starbucks stop...hint,hint.) So, not only do we take a coffee to Tyler but we had three other orders for some of the guys he works with. We finally found ourselves back on I-5 and made it back to Tanya's, my sister-in-law, house by 4:30. Wow what a day!! My amazing husband was so wonderful. Allowing me to be gone for the day and being so willing to take all three kiddos to Brenna's orthodontist appointment after school. Is he the most amazing husband or what?!?!?!!!!!!!!! (Oh yeah...thank you Brenna Beld for spending the day with Wayne and Weston, you are one amazing girl!!)


Janice said...

Way to get it blogged girlfriend!! What a fun day - you deserved it!

Tanya said...

I too, am impressed with the blogging! I might have to do a little "copy, paste" function to my own blog. Thanks again, it was great fun and a day I will remember for a long time to come!