Friday, August 13, 2010

1st sleepover!!

Ethan has been begging to have Wayne over to spend the night. We decided the best time to do this would be while the girls were at camp. So, Thursday evening we picked Wayne up and brought him to our house for their 1st official sleepover. Now, just to clarify...these boys have spent the night at each others homes but only because the parents of one or the other were going away and needed a place for the boys. This sleepover was simply "just because"!

We met Wayne at his other aunt's house and to say that Ethan and Wayne were excited is an understatement.
Once we got back to our house, these two boys played and played and played. By the end of the evening, they were tired and dirty. So, before bed, they had bath time and I had water all over my floor. Oh well! I'm glad they were having fun!!
After bath, we had a snack and then it was off to bed. These boys were so excited to be sleeping in the tent (in the living room).
Yes, the boys have the same pajamas and insisted on being twins. I'm so glad that I had just washed Ethan's!

Once we had them in the tent we had quite a bit of lantern fun going on in the tent.
Eventually, I ended up reading them a story and then snuggling with each of them to get them to fall asleep.
Before going to bed myself, I went to check on the boys and this is what I found.
Crazy boys!! I'm just thrilled that they slept all night!

For breakfast in the morning, we had waffles
Thankfully the weather had started to get nicer and the boys were able to go out and play in swimming pool. They had so much fun out there together.
Ethan loved having Wayne here! The boys played so well and I love watching them interact with each other. Ethan is really hoping Wayne can come for another sleep over soon.

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