Thursday, August 5, 2010

From the park to the river

After spending the first half of the afternoon at the park, we didn't even make it in the door at home and our phone was ringing. Brenna quickly answered it and was talking with Wayne. They had a short conversation before he was wanting to talk to Auntie. He had a question for me. He wanted to know if the kids could go to his house and swim and if I would have coffee with his mommy. I told him we would be there soon. We chatted a little more and then Tanya took the phone from him. During our conversation, we discovered that Wayne had invited us over without Tyler and Tanya knowing about it. We got a good laugh and decided that Wayne actually had a great idea. However, we decided that taking the kids down to the swimming hole at the river would be a lot more fun for them. Tyler and Tanya live across the street from Riverside Park so it's very convenient. The kids all know that our time of fun always starts out with a picture.
Once we got the best picture we knew we would get, we headed down to the river. It took our kids a few minutes to actually grasp that this was safe to do and that it wasn't deep. Wayne and Weston had been to the swim hole before so they knew to just run in.

Before we knew it, the kids were all in the water and having a blast!

Of course, this auntie made sure that Wyatt was able to join in the fun. We went from this...
to this!
The girls started carrying logs over to where we were to try and ride them. However, the water wasn't quite deep enough. With both girls sitting on the log, they bottomed out.
And to make sure we fulfilled all of our plans the moms made sure we had our coffee in hand!
While we were all playing, we had a surprise visitor! Tyler decided to ride his bike over.

I thought I was just giving him a hard time when I asked him if he had to dust the bike off. Little did I know that he really did have to dust it off and not only that, he had to pump up the tires. The bike eventually ended up in the swim hole for a little bath. Not exactly the type of water I would use to wash something off with but whatever works I guess. The kids thought Uncle Tyler was pretty funny when he attempted to actually ride the bike through the swim hole. That was one workout I was not willing to do.

The girls decided that it would be fun to cover themselves in river mud. We teased them that they had their own spa going. Uncle Tyler tried to bribe them with $5 each if they would cover their faces but they didn't go for it. I was sooo happy that they didn't go for the idea.
Alyssa found the best mud and had the best coverage. It amazes me at how this girl can go from being such a princess to getting down and dirty. These kids had so much mud on them.

When we got back to Tyler and Tanya's we sprayed each of the kids off. It's a good thing they have warm water connected to their outside hose because spraying each child off took awhile. I could not have imagined spraying them with cold water.

Thank you Wayne for thinking of this great idea and for inviting us over! It was a wonderful day spent with the kids! They were all completely worn out by bedtime.

I'm hoping for a few more days like this before school starts. This summer has gone so fast and our days get filled with babysitting and other stuff. It's all great stuff but I don't want to miss out on the days with just the kids at home with me, or where ever we decide to spend our time. They are all growing so fast. I still can't believe that Brenna starts Middle School this year. She has become such a beautiful young lady!

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Tanya said...

Yeeeee-haw! Thanks for coming out and enjoying our little piece of God's country... E-town! We had such a fun time, and I hope for a few more days before the S word starts!