Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A week of camp!

We spent this last weekend packing the two girls and getting them ready for a week of camp.

The last two summers, Brenna has gone with her BFF to Camp Gilead in Carnation, WA...about 20 minutes east of Monroe. This year, we decided that we would send Alyssa along with Brenna and her BFF. It's a year earlier than we sent Brenna but decided that if they were in the same cabin she would be fine. We also requested to have a counselor that attends our church so we felt even better about sending her. Our niece Brenna was able to join them and go as Alyssa's friend. The girls were so excited to get to camp!

We left just after 7:00 Monday morning and arrived at camp around 9:30. We got the girls settled into their cabin.

Brenna, our niece, went for the top bunk and Alyssa decided that wanted a bottom bunk for the week. She sleeps on the top bunk at home all the time so she was wanting something a little different I guess.
Brenna and her BFF went to the opposite end of the cabin so they could still feel like they had their own space and weren't "babysitting".  And, of course, they went for the set of top bunks with no divider...this could only mean trouble, HA!
We left Brenna and EmmaRae up at the cabins and took the two new campers, Alyssa and Brenna, for a tour of the camp. We stopped for a quick picture.
They were pretty excited to be wearing their new sweatshirts that they got that morning. I'm sure they are going to have a blast this week.

Before leaving, we got one last picture of our girls.
It's going to be a long week for Ethan. He is already missing his sisters. We can't wait to see the girls on Monday and to hear all about their week. We are checking the camp website daily for pictures of the the activities they are doing. (If you click on the link to the pictures, make sure you choose Junior Camp #2 in the Summer 2010 section. You will have to choose Next Screen on the bottom right to find Junior Camp #2.)

I am so glad that the girls had this opportunity to attend camp. It's weird that this is the only summer that they will be there together. Next year, Brenna will be attending Teen Camp...aagh, weird!

I would give anything for the kids to be able to attend camp each summer. It is such a great time of growth for them spiritually and in maturity. I attended this same camp while growing up from 3rd grade - 12th grade. I pray that our kiddos will be able to do the same.

I am reminded of some amazing memories every time we pull up to camp. Saturday can't come fast enough!

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JessiHitti said...

Camp was awesome and I'm sure your girls had a blast with Melissa! Thanks again for the Starbucks card. Being able to have a nice white chocolate peppermint mocha was a good boost for me and I'm sure Melissa loved hers as well! :)