Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bringing home the girls!

Saturday morning was an exciting time! I headed down to Camp Gilead with Trisha and Paige to get the girls from camp.

When we pulled in to camp this is what we found...

The staff was attempting to find homes for all of the lost and found items that had been collected throughout the week. So thankful we had nothing in that pile.

And then walking up to the cabin to find our suitcases, sleeping bags, and who knows what...
We only briefly saw the three girls from a distance before they had to head off to breakfast. We decided to head up and meet them at the dining hall. They were so excited to see us and we couldn't wait to hug them!!
Before the campers were dismissed to their parents, they headed to the chapel for closing ceremonies. It was so neat to see the chapel full of kids, singing. They announced the winning teams, heard some final words from their pastor for the week, and watched the DVD put together of the weekly activities.

We pulled out of camp around 10:45 and stopped for an early lunch in a little town before getting to the freeway. The girls were out by the time we did get on the freeway (about 30 minutes from the town where we ate lunch), they were TIRED!
It was so good to get them both home and to be together again as a family. We missed them so much while they were gone but were so thankful that they were able to spend a week at camp, having fun with friends/cousins, meeting new friends, and most of all...learning more about our Lord and Savior. They were so excited to share with us everything that they had learned throughout the week.

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