Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend to Remember

This weekend was amazing! Jason and I went to the FamilyLife Weekend to Remember conference. It was a great time to get away together and take a close look at our marriage. Some of you who know that we also went last year may be wondering why we would attend the conference two years consecutitvely. While the material itself is the same, each conference has different speakers and they all give different ideas for each area. It's a time for the kids to go and stay with friends and family and a time for us to go, stay out at Semiahmoo, relax, spend time praying together and talk about how our family and marriage are doing. Find the things that we need to work on and come up with a plan.

These weekends are great for marriages that are struggling and believe me, there are many couples that attend this conference as a "last chance" option and sometimes even have the divorce papers in hand. It's amazing to see the work that God does in these marriages during the weekend. The speakers are very sensitive to these couples and very encouraging. Let God work in you and your marriage.

These conferences are also great for marriages that are's a time to focus on any tune-ups or tweaking that might be needed. There are couples who have been married for 50+ years that are attending these conferences. This year we had a couple married for the 55 years...they were the winners. Last year, I think the winning couple had been married around 60 years.

It's also neat to see the couples there that are wanting to start their marriages off with the tools given at these conferences and are only married for just a few short weeks before attending their first conference. In fact, this past weekend there was a couple who got married, they are currently on their honeymoon and attending the conference this coming weekend. (We met this couple's friends who were attending the conference we were at.)

The speakers use God's word as their foundation while going through the material and really help us focus on the fact that God's word is our every day tool and source for our marriages, parenting and just every day life.

FamilyLife has become very special to us as a couple and we are very excited about having one of the ministry couples in our home this Thursday for dinner. Tom and Laura Clifton are a couple that we met at the FamilyLife WTR conference last year and they currently live in Arkansas and are a part of the FamilyLife ministry team. We were thrilled to hear that they were going to be in town again and immediately set up a time to get together.

We want to encourage all of you to attend one of these conferences! It is an amazing time for you and your spouse. You can even use our group code (11306) for any of the conferences being held throughout the United States. This code will save you $80 per couple.

So many marriages are struggling. Won't you join us in praying for all of the marriages in the world.

(By the way, thank you to those of you who helped out with our children this last weekend!)


Ross and Taya said...

You gave a great summary of the Weekend to Remember and your hearts definitely line up with our hearts for bringing hope and encouragement to marriages and families. So glad that you'll get to visit with the Cliftons. They have an powerful story and God used them to give us a real-life picture of what life at FamilyLife looks like. Keep fighting for families... it will break your heart at times, but you will never regret it and your legacy will be mighty. God Bless,

ross and taya

Janice said...

You blogged!! So glad to see you're alive! :-) Hope your dinner goes great - I'll have cards waiting for you, unless you get to sneak away at the end of the night!

Angela said...

Hey Tanya, you can disregard the message I left! Apparently we were too late to use the group code anyway. Oh well, it's still money well spent!