Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Let the decorating begin

So, I realize that I said there would be no way Jason would pull down the decorations before Thanksgiving but my wonderful husband surprised me this morning. (If I haven't already mentioned it, he has this whole week off!!) For the longest time he was "missing". I started looking for him in the house and decided he was no where to be found. So, I decided to check the garage. There he was, pulling the many bins and trees down from the attic. He brought it all in and then headed out and started to put up the Christmas lights. I say started because he got about half way finished when the rain started coming down and coming down hard. So, the lights will be completed hopefully tomorrow.


Tanya said...

Awwww... What a husband! Can't wait to see everything all put up. I love this time of year. Weston is already going after Christmas lights around here.

Angela said...

Maybe your husband could talk to my husband... I can never convince him to help me get the Christmas decorations down!

Janice said...

Jason - you are da man!! Are you coming to do lights on my house next?