Saturday, November 22, 2008

"Final Mile"

Last night was the "Final Mile" for Marathon club that both of the girls have been participating in at school. Each day during lunch recess there is "track" set up. (Basically cones set up that the kids run around.) As the kids complete a lap, they get their cards punched. There are 20 punches on each card and in order to participate in the "Final Mile", the kids need to complete 5 cards. There was one little boy from our school that completed 17 cards...that's a lot of laps. Anyway, the final mile happens at the high school on the track and the kids run/walk 1.2 miles (5 laps). Once they complete their 5 laps, they get to stand on the "podium" (cheerleader blocks) and receive their medal of completion. It's an exciting time for the kids.

Now, understand that this event happens rain or shine and in the blustery wind. So, we load up and it's a little windy but not bad nothing to be concerned about. By the time we get to the high school, the wind is blowing so bad that the kids can hardly stand still. So, as they were running around the track and coming around the back turn, they were literally being blown around and were having a hard time actually running. At one point, I was running across the football field to take pictures and felt like I was literally being blown across the field. Ethan decided that he wanted to run on the track with the kids until he got to the last turn and the wind was blowing him so hard he could hardly stay standing. He ended up getting scared and in tears so Jason had to carry him back to the grandstands. Of course, Ethan thought he needed to get a medal with the girls because, after all, he ran on the track too. It was a very disappointing night for the little guy. There were 300+ kids from the three Lynden elementary schools that qualified to participate last night. That's not counting the kids who attempted to complete their 5 cards. WAY TO GO!!

I have included some pictures. You will be able to see by looking at them just how windy (and cold) it was. Good thing the girls wore their heavy jackets. They thought they might get too hot, guess mommy wasn't losing it after all when she insisted the jackets were to be worn while running.

Brenna running with friends from school...she is in the very center with her silver jacket.

Alyssa running with Eric Bode, a friend from her class.

Raedean VanWerven, a family friend, was marking the cards...Brenna has one lap to go...look at those red cheeks...she was getting so this point it was raining and windy.

Raedean marking Alyssa's card and sending her off for her last lap.

Up on the "podium" together to receive their medals. Of course, as I took the picture the wind picked up again and blew their hair into their faces...memories!!!

We tried to get one more picture of the girls once they got off the "podium" and the wind was blowing so hard they were laughing and could hardly stand still.

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Janice said...

Way to go girls!! That was the night our patio furniture blew around and broke 2 clay pots and a hurricane lantern! At least nothing got blown through our 2 big glass doors :-{ YIEKS!