Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Just back from the grocery store

Oh my! I walk into the grocery store and there it is...everything you need for your Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. Where has this year gone? I couldn't believe it. And, the aisles were packed with people. I think everyone is getting an early start on their holiday baking. In fact, two weeks ago when I was in the store, the checker asked me if I was starting my holiday baking because I had baking items as part of my purchase. I almost burst out laughing out loud. Me? Bake for holidays? Yeah right. I always have good intentions of doing so but that never happens. Thankfully, "Aunt" Janice has cookie baking day at her house that we attend so the kids get their cookie baking in there...I'm such a bad mommy. Oh yeah, then, right in the middle of the store, they have an aisle full of stockings, Christmas candy, and all other sorts of Christmas goodies. I'm not ready for all the holiday hustle and bustle. Are you?


Tanya said...

Heck yeah, bring on the holiday season! I can't wait... I'm itching to play Christmas music!

Janice said...

No pressure Aunt Janice - if I ever have to skip a year the children will have to go into counseling I'm sure!! :-) I went to Lowe's today and it is CHRISTMASVILLE massively! Wow- it almost made me naseous!