Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The "Christmas Itch"

So, ever since my visit to the grocery store and seeing all of the holiday stuff, I've started to get the "Christmas Itch". I'm still not ready for all of the hustle and bustle. I'm ready to pull out the decorations but will wait until after Thanksgiving to do that. Jason and I have, however, pulled out the Christmas music...hence the new music on the blog. We have so many Christmas CDs and never seem to get through them all. We have decided that if we start now, and keep a good rotation going in the CD player, we should be able to get through them all this year before it's too late. It's very hard to not change the layout on the blog to Christmas. There's something about Christmas that gives me that peaceful feeling. I just love the whole feeling of Christmas...celebrating Christ's birth, getting together with family, watching the kids open gifts, enjoying the baked goods that everyone else has worked so hard on :) (Okay, maybe this year I will attempt some baking of my own.), driving around and seeing all the lights, etc. Oh yeah, today I received my "invitation" to the Grandiflora Holiday Open House...HOLD ME BACK!!! So, anyone else have the "itch"?


Janice said...

Well I'll be at the Grandiflora Open House because I'm working - if my root canal doesn't go bad the day before :-{!! Keep up the blogging! I've tried to change my background and I can't get it, so I'll need some "Tanya time"!

Sandy said...
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