Tuesday, April 21, 2009

1st Grade Field Trip

This week is the Milk Maker's Fest at the Northwest Washington Fairgrounds for all of the 1st grade classes in Whatcom County. Today, Alyssa's class had the opportunity to participate in this event. As you can see from the picture below, she was pretty excited to be there.
Our class started out on a wagon ride and had a list of things to find throughout the fairgrounds. The kids had a lot of fun looking for all of the different items. Those involved with putting on this event do a great job and were very creative with where they "hid" these items.

Here's Alyssa with her very best friend, and cousin, Kylie.

The kids had 6 different stations that they participated in and 3 of these stations were just sitting and listening to people talk. Our class ended up having these three "talking" stations back-to-back. They did amazing! They were all so well-behaved and great listeners.

At the last station, the kids got to "milk" a "cow" after learning about the milking machines and how they work. Of course, this was the highlight of the day! They were having fun trying to race against the person on the other side.

I was so thankful for the amazing weather that we had today. I was also very thankful that my mom was able to have Ethan so that I could attend this event with Alyssa. I love doing field trips with the kids.

Next field trip, Padillo Bay on May 8th with Brenna and all of the 4th grade classes. I'm really looking forward to this! It will be an all day event and some place that I have never been to. We will be praying for another day of good weather.


Janice said...

Did you tell Alyssa that we used to be farmers and her daddy milked for us? Weird thought isn't it?

Angela said...

I remember going to Padilla Bay when I was in 4th grade!! A very fun field trip! If I remember right, do NOT wear nice clothes and shoes!