Friday, April 24, 2009

My list of 35...

1) My Lord and Savior who died for my sins and loves me...He is my strength and His word is truth.
2) My amazing, GODLY husband, Jason, who loves me unconditionally. He is the man God chose for me and I love him very much!
3) Brenna, my oldest daughter, she loves Jesus and is becoming a beautiful young lady. I love how she is beginning to enjoy doing some of the same things that I enjoy.
4) Alyssa, my youngest daughter, she loves Jesus and will always be my snuggle bug! She will never turn down snuggle time. She loves to give.
5) Ethan...he will always be my baby boy! He brings such life to our home and completes our family.
6) My mom...the woman who raised my and is always there for any of us and willing to help.
7) My dad...though I only had him for fourteen years of my life, he taught me a lot during that time.
8) My wonderful sister who is always up for a good walk and has given me a beautiful niece! She is my life long friend.
9) My dear brother who reminds me so much of my dad, always willing to personal electrician.
10) My amazing sister-in-law. She has the best name ever and will never turn down a coffee time. She is always willing to just sit and listen when I need to just talk.
11) My nieces and nephews that I have the privilege of caring for, loving on, spoiling.
12) Amazing friends...always there to listen, up for a pop or coffee, always around to help.
13) Our wonderful church family.
14) Three of the greatest pastors ever filled with Christ and always ready to share the word of God. I love that they preach directly from the Bible.
15) Our Christ Group...we have all become so close and have gotten to know each other so well. We have kind of formed our own little family.
16) Our home, which is truly been from God.
17) Our income, as tough as things get, our God always provides and there are so many people out there losing their jobs.
18) The plans that God has for our family...even though we do not know all of the details, we rest in Him that all things will work out according to His will and not ours.
19) Our great neighbors...the kids always have someone to play with and they all get along so well.
20) The's amazing how much better the days go when the sun is out.
21) Coffee...I struggle getting through my days without it.
22) Spring...I love the beautiful colors it brings and the signs of new life.
23) Food to feed my family...there are so many hungry people in our world and it saddens me to think about all the hungry babies out there.
24) Healthy children...every day I seem to hear about yet another child with a life threatening illness.
25) Nap times! It brings peace to our home every day and a chance for me to take a break and catch my breath and get ready for round two :)
26) Quiet evenings...great times to just be together as a family and not worry about anything else going on around us.
27) Label makers...the really help make organization a little easier. I love to label things!
28) makes life fun and adventurous.
29) Listening to my husband play the piano...he is so talented and amazes me every time he sits down to play. I just stop what I'm doing to listen.
30) Blogging world...this is such a great way to stay in touch with people I don't get to talk to very often and share with them what's going on with our family.
31) Scrapbooking...traditional and is a great way to remember the special events that have happened in the lives of our children and family. If you haven't started, get to it! I love every minute of it and my kids love to go through their photo albums.
32) I can send my girls to school each day and know that they are going to have a great day because of the amazing teachers that we have this year. Having teachers that pray for your children specifically is absolutely amazing and very rare.
33) Ice's a staple in our house and is a comfort food for me. I love that Jason and I can sit down together at night with the carton and one spoon and share some ice cream together. I look forward to this time!
34) Random acts of kindness...whether it's me surprising someone by giving or doing something for them or someone surprising us by doing/giving just makes everyone feel good about life.
35) I get the have dinner with my husband tonight, out, away from home, child-free! I love date nights!

**I realize that some of these may be silly but it was fun to do...thanks for reading!


Tanya said...

Too bad you didn't turn 50, I could have kept reading more! Love it, love it, can't pick my favorite! Okay... #1.

Ashley said...

If your house and neighbors both made your list, why are you moving??? :) I love my label maker too, everyone makes fun of me for it, now I know that I'm not alone!

Tanya said...

We are just following God's leading with the moving. It's so hard for people to understand but we really feel like it's what we are suppose to do right now...all a part of the plans that we feel God is laying out for our family. We will always love our neighborhood and will miss everyone here if we end up moving.

Ashley said...

I know why you are moving and I totally understand... I was just kidding. (Haven't you noticed that I have been harassing you about it for a while now! I just have to stick with my "don't leave us" thing!) Hope you had a good dinner!

Tanya said...

Ashley, I know you are just kidding but in case anyone else is wondering, I thought I would put an explanation up. We will really miss your family if we end up moving.

Dana Lohrer said...

Great post, Tanya!!! That is a fabulous list! Like Tanya, I could have kept on reading! So if you ever want to make another list just for fun go right ahead, you know you will at least have 2 readers waiting!!!