Friday, April 24, 2009

Birthday Celebration

Yesterday was my birthday and it was a great day! It started out with a little celebration down at McDonald's with great friends, coffee at my house with my dear sis-in-law and her boys, and lunch at my house with my mom and sister...excellent salads from Fairway Cafe. Wow, that's a lot of celebrating in just a few hours. The rest of the day was spent at home and then four hours at work. Yes, I worked on my birthday so that I wouldn't have to work this weekend. My wonderful husband surprised me with a hanging basket for my birthday. I also had a message on the answering machine when I got home from my dear friend in Arizona, she was singing to me. (Sorry I missed your call Becky, I was at work.)Tonight, Jason and I went out for dinner to Kyoto's for my birthday dinner. It was a great time and excellent food! I love watching the chef's cook. They are so talented. I have a few pictures to share of our chef. It was hard getting good pictures because our seats were facing the windows but I did my best. I didn't want to move around to much as we were sharing a grill area with another family.Here our chef is preparing the onion volcano. It was pretty cool!
These flames got pretty high.
After dinner, we went to Lowe's and purchased our Mother's Day and Father's Day gift. We have had the same barbecue for 12 years and are constantly putting new parts in it. We decided that it was time for a new one and I had been doing some shopping around so we had an idea of what we were going for. I am so excited for us to get the new barbecue together and fired up! We will be doing a lot more outdoor cooking this year! I will post pictures of the new grill once it is put together.
Tomorrow morning I am getting up early to do a little early morning shopping with my sis-in-law for plants and a few other things. I can guarantee there will be a coffee stop at some point during this trip!


Tanya said...

Guarantee? You better believe it! Weston's finishing his cheerios, and then we're out the door! Better be out of your PJ's!!! :-) There are some plants with my name on it, just waiting to go for a little ride to E-town.

Janice said...

No - I didn't forget your birthday - it's on my perpetual calendar - I just had a crazy day on Thursday (worked til 6) and forgot to call. We'll have to have a little coffee celebration next week ok? See you on Sunday!