Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring is here!

This past weekend was just the start of the great weather here in the northwest and we took full advantage of it!

Jason got home from work early on Friday so we loaded Ethan up and headed off to get my grandma's truck and then went and got this great dump trailer from a friend of ours. Our final destination...Smit's Compost. We picked up two yards of compost and dumped it in the driveway and started getting it spread over all of the flower beds. We got the majority of it completed before Jason had to leave for a ministry council retreat.

Shortly after Jason left, the kids and I went for a walk, the girls rode bikes, with my sister and her girls. We walked down to the park and the kids got to play for awhile. It was such a beautiful evening. The kids had a blast and we started to head back to our house just as it started to cool off.

Saturday morning, Jason had to leave early again for the retreat and I headed outside to finish getting the pile of compost spread. Of course, we ran out and will need to get another small load to finish off the back fenceline but the flower beds look great. The new compost down has really made everything POP! I am so excited about getting the yard whipped into shape again this spring. Oh yeah, I also got all of my planters filled. Here is one from the patio. I will have to add a picture of the "flowering fountain" pots that I have by the front porch. I'm just trying to keep everything simple this year.
Today, we went in on an all day rental of a thatcher. We were last on the list so that it would arrive to our home just as Jason was getting home from work. The timing was perfect. My brother arrived about 5 minutes before Jason. I cannot believe how much thatch we pulled out of the yard. I actually got a picture of my wonderful husband hard at work. I think the worst job was all the raking we had to do later. We filled two yard waste cans and 21 garbage bags.

The next step is to re-seed and watch the lawn become beautiful again. I can't wait for the lilac bush to start blooming. I love the smell...I'm seeing lots of "buds"! More pictures to come later of how the yard is shaping up.



Ashley said...

And what would you have done without my two following you around in the process! You guys are now officially 2 steps ahead of our yard progress...stop making us look bad!

Janice said...

It's going to look so beautiful!! We are actually starting to move dirt around and think about getting a yard put in!!