Thursday, April 2, 2009

Finally...the scrappin' slumber party

It was a great weekend! A room full of food and women and some amazing fellowship. A room full of wives and moms getting memories of their families into photo albums. A time to reflect back on how good God has been to all of our families.
Here are my friends Molly and Sally VanKooten. They were working on a wonderful gift for a family member. Sally's niece had triplets in October and they have been to visit a few times and are now working on putting together a book of their visits and will continue to add to it with each visit. This is a gift that they will be giving Heidi when she and triplets are here for Easter. What a great gift! Oh yeah, my dear sister-in-law is also in this picture looking at some of the pages that Molly and Sally had completed.
Tanya and I took a break from our projects to visit and see what some of the other ladies were working on. Here, Carmielle is cranking out the cards! She completed 9 sets and there were 15-20 cards in a set. This lady is amazing. She does most of the prep work at home...cutting down the cardstock, etc....and then comes and assembles. Carmielle gets the prize again for actually "working" the most hours. She goes non-stop and takes about a 60-90 "nap" in the middle of the night. Tammy was working hard on an album for her husband. It was fun to see the pictures of his trip.
Saturday morning, we had some "new" faces join us and replaced those who could only be with us Friday evening. It was fun to sit and visit with Kari, Beth and Angela on Saturday. We worked until 5:00 on Saturday evening. It was a great 25 hours of scrappin', eatting, a little bit of sleepin', and fellowshiping.
It was great to get home to see Jason and the kids to show off the pages that I completed in Brenna's album...13 pages to be exact.

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Janice said...

13 pages!! You don't have to brag!! :-) I got a whole lot of fellowshipping in - so there!!!