Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A look around the yard

So, I thought I would share with you just a few pictures of how the yard is shaping up. We were able to get the grass re-seeded and just in time for the rain that they are forcasting.

This is the flower bed along the sidewalk leading to the front door. I love how the climbing hydrangea is so bright and green. I also noticed that there are a lot more buds on it this year. We have only had one or two little spots that flower...this year there looks to be more...yeah!!!
This is my flowering fountain that I plant every year. The pots themselves are beginning to look tattered but it gives them character. I usually put a geranium in the top pot but last year I put the gerber daisy and loved it so much that I repeated that look this year.
We have tulips blooming throughout the yard. They are different shades of pink, red, and yellow.
Here we have one of the two planters in front of the garage. I just love how something as simple as this brightens the house up as you pull in.
Yesterday, I wrote about the blooms on the lilac bush. Here is a glimpse of what is to come. This bush is loaded and I can't wait. If anyone is wanting a start of a white lilac bush...let me know.
This is what excites our family the most...apple blossoms. The trees are full of blossoms and I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of them. Of course, the apples won't be ready until September and October so we have awhile to wait.


Janice said...

What fun! I'd love a start of your lilac - and maybe a fresh bouquet too :-)!!

Tanya said...

Hokey pete on the Scheib blogging palooza!!! After a drought, we had not one but THREE posts? Woo-hoo! Loved the updates, and the pictures... but not mention of the impending national holiday that is almost upon us?

Kristy Wind said...

Your yard is looking great, you guys have been working hard!!!