Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Crazy but fun...wouldn't have it any other way!

On Sunday, my NEW nephew made his entrance into the world. Wyatt John is absolutely adorable and a great addition to the family! After a visit to the hospital, I went to Tyler and Tanya's to pick up the boys. Tanya's cousin stayed with the boys that morning so that I could go meet Wyatt...thank you Kelsey!!

Wayne and Weston have spent the past four days with main reason for no blog updates, just a little crazy around these parts. We have had so much fun with these boys!

The girls slept on the hide-a-bed so that Wayne and Weston could have their room for the four days they were here. Each morning, the three boys would go find the girls and wake them up.Ethan and Wayne are best buddies and they sat on the couch each morning and evening playing their V-Smiles together.The girls tried to entertain Weston but he would just run from one thing to the next so they quickly gave up on that and we just let him play with whatever was making him happy at that moment. (We got tired just watching him run from one thing to the next.)

Jason had taken Monday off to be home to help me the first full day of having five children to care for. So, because he was home and Weston was napping, we let the four older kids go swimming for awhile. They had a blast and Ethan had fun spraying everyone with the water guns. (My standing rule with the girls was absolutely no swimming pool as long as I was the only adult here with the five of them. The girls are fine in the pool but there is no way I could "man" three boys alone.)

After being outside, the two big boys were filthy and entered the tub. I should have known better than to put these two boys in the tub together. My floor was soaked when they were finished. Oh well...they had fun and that's all that mattered.

Yesterday and today have been laid back days around here just trying to keep everyone cool.

Ethan was very sad this afternoon when I left with his buddies. The boys were able to go home to their daddy and mommy AND their new brother.

We are going to miss those boys around here. It already feels very quiet here and our kids are still up and playing. We will have to get the boys back over here soon for a play date!


Tanya said...

Just think... when Silves #4 comes along, Brenna and Alyssa will be outnumbered 2 to 1 on the boy/girl ratio! We might need to commit you to an institution after that one. Thank you, thank you, thank you for having our boys. It meant so much that they were in good hands and we didn't need to worry about them a bit. They had so much fun, and Wayne is still telling stories. Oh, and he keeps telling me, "I miss Ethan, I go to see him?"

Tanya said...

We can't wait to have all three boys when Silves Baby #4 comes along but let's wait a couple of years. I'm so happy that Wayne is still wanting to come to Auntie's house to play with Ethan after our "special intervention". :) At least I know he still loves me!!