Sunday, July 26, 2009

Major yard work...

Saturday morning, Jason and I spent 3-1/2 hours moving strawberries and pulling out the wild flowers that we had planted along the neighbor's fence.

Eariler in the week, she had contacted me to let me know that she had purchased 46 Evergreen Arbervitae trees for us and the neighbor on the other side of her to plant on our side of her fence. At first, I'm thinking, how are we going to pay for these trees? Then, she informed me that she didn't want us to pay for them...huge blessing! She just wanted to help us with the privacy issue...which will take a couple of years with these trees but we are thankful for them! We planted 31 trees and this is what the fence line looks like now!

We haven't actually asked her why she wanted to do this or felt like she needed to do this. We are chalking it up to the fact that we have been dealing with her 4 BARKING dogs for 3 years now and finally took matters into our own hands this year...the garden hose does wonders!! (Why didn't we resort to that sooner?) Whatever the reason, we are so very grateful and didn't mind one bit doing all of the labor to get the trees in and I don't have a problem going out and keeping them watered.

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