Monday, July 27, 2009

Meeting Wyatt and loving it!

The kids have been waiting for a week now to meet their new cousin. The girls really struggle with the hospital rule of having to be 12 before being able to go see new babies. It's also hard for them to understand that we need to wait until Auntie is feeling up to having them. They are use to their mommy who has never had a c-section and is up and at'em when she gets home. They did good though and were very excited when I told them Saturday night that they would get to go meet Wyatt after church on Sunday. Pastor Craig couldn't finish his message fast enough for the girls.

It was weird to see the girls holding Wyatt without the boppy. They look so grown up in these pictures.
Ethan really was excited to meet his new cousin. He had been asking about him all week. But, when it came right down to it...he was a little busy playing with Wayne and this was about all we could get for a picture. He talked about Wyatt on the way home and how he got to hold him so I'm glad we insisted on the picture or we might have had an upset little boy later on. Ethan did ask me though if Wyatt could play in his room the next time his buddies were at our house...I thought that was very sweet. He's going to have a hard time understanding that Baby Wyatt has awhile before he will be playing with the "big" boys.

Thank you Auntie, and TyTy, for allowing all of us to "invade" your home after church. You totally made the kids' day!

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Tanya said...

Tell those girls thanks for the patience until auntie was feeling better!