Friday, July 3, 2009

Our Baby Boy is 4!

I love getting pictures first thing in the morning of our kids on their birthday. Their expressions are priceless, at least to their mommy they are. It is so hard to believe that he is 4.
I had taken Ethan to the Lynden Dutch Bakery earlier in the week so that he could order his birthday cake. Yes, he did the majority of the talking. I had printed off a picture from the website where we had ordered all of his Madagascar 2 party supplies. He took the picture to "Miss Kathy" at the bakery and asked her to make him a cake. Kathy was so great with him. She directed all of the questions to him, or as many as she could.
So, this morning, when we went to get his cake and cupcakes (for his little friend party). He completely by-passed the front counter and headed straight for the production area. (It's a good thing Mommy works at the bakery so he could get away with doing this!) He was looking for "Miss Kathy". He was so excited when he found her and instantly asked, "Did you make my Madagascar 2 cake?"
Kathy was very sweet and wished him a Happy Birthday and then took him over to where the cake and cupcakes were waiting for him. She even took the time to show him what it all looked like.

After lunch, Ethan had four of his friend over...Wayne, Carter, Tyler, and Elisha. We let the boys play for awhile. They had so much fun with the baseball set but it was very hard for five little boys to wait their turn with this fun toy.So, after they each had a couple of turns, we were able to get them to come to the table to sing to Ethan and to have BIG cupcakes and ice cream.
We then did the pinata. I love these pinatas with the pull strings. I could not imagine these five boys swinging at a pinata with a bat. They were all so excited when the candy fell out of the bottom of the pinata. Here's Ethan collecting his stash. They all went home with plenty!
Here are the boys showing off their goods from the pinata. It was all we could do to get any of them to look at the camera for a picture. This is the best we could get. (Wayne, Ethan, Elisha, Tyler, and Carter)
Later that evening, we had Ethan's family party. We thought we had better get our picture with the birthday boy and his cake before any little fingers went in the cake.
Here are just a few of our guests...Aunt Trisha, Aunt April (in the back) Grammy with Paige, Great-Aunt Lyd (she is always so good about getting Grandma to our parties), and Great-Grandma Vi (Silves)...
Grandpa Norvel, Uncle Ryan with Autumn, and Grandma Nancy. There were others who some how escaped from getting their pictures taken.
Ethan was so excited to get his new Webkinz. It was a Zebra...went along with the party theme...and of course, he named it Marty. This is the name of the Zebra on Madagascar.
I'm not sure where my mom found this picture but it will be hanging in Ethan's room. He was so excited to get this.
Jason and I got Ethan a bike for this birthday and didn't wrap it. So, Ethan and I were hiding our eyes together while Daddy brought the bike out. You can't see it here but Ethan had the giggles while we were doing this. I love this boy!
Excited to finally have his Big Boy Bike. He has been asking for a bike and we had the big debate over which size to get and had him sitting on bikes at WalMart. It was torture for him to not ever take a bike home with us. Now, the boy has his bike!
Ethan got so embarrassed when everyone started to sing to him.

We had a great time and the weather was gorgeous! It was so nice that the cousins were swimming during most of the party. Uncle Tyler even got in on the swimming action.

Ethan is so excited to be 4 because he knows that means he gets to go to Preschool this fall and he can't wait to start school.

This little boy is so fun to have in our home and I am so thankful that God blessed us with him! He is so busy and keeps us on our toes. But, he has his moments of just wanting to sit on mommy's lap and snuggle. Or, as he says it, "Let's nuggle mommy." He knows I can't ever turn him down. Could you?


Tanya said...

This auntie can't turn down his nuggles! Some of us escaped photography because we WERE the photographer, or because we were so white in the pool, the photographer didn't want to crack her lens! :-) It was a fun, fun day, and Wayne totally enjoyed his very first little kid birthday party! Those Scheib's know how to party!

Janice said...

Emily and I were just saying how Ethan will go to school in 1 year - doesn't seem possible. Aunt Jan will go get the new birthday gift and return the poopy puppy :-)!! Your hair is stinking cute in those'll have to show me how you did it!

Tanya said...

Actually, Ethan will be going to school in 2 years. We aren't sending him to kindergarten until he is 6. He will do 2 years of preschool though...starting this fall.

Ashley said...

Wow, someone is behind on their blog following....that's what a week of camping does to a girl! Anyways, cute party- Carter had a blast! Thanks for having him!