Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Camp pictures as promised

Here are a few more camp pictures from Brenna's week at Camp Gilead...as promised ;)

Alyssa and her BFF, Kylie, made this sign for Brenna. It was so cute and they worked so hard!
When Alyssa and I pulled up to camp, we found all of the campers sitting in the parking lot. I quickly realized that there were counselors showing off all of the clothing that had made its way to the lost and found during the week. It was very comical to sit and watch. There were a few pieces of clothing that people were not claiming and the counselors kept repeating, "Somebody wore this during the week. One of you brought this from home." The kids were all just staring with the look of 'who cares, it's just a shirt.' Basically, what it boiled down to, these kids hadn't had breakfast yet and were more concerned about what they were going to eat than any piece of clothing waiting to be claimed.
It was so fun to be able to sit with the girls from church, and their new friend Larissa, during breakfast. Alyssa and I shared a cinnamon roll with one of the girls...they were very BIG cinnamon rolls and Brenna went back for seconds so we could try some of the yummy food. Yes, camp food that was yummy!
Do you think these two missed each other? YES! They were so excited to see each other. Its nice to actually see the love between them. At home, it's the usual sister fights and they share a room so they sometimes get tired of each other. The week apart was great for both of them but they were so ready to be back together again.

We had a great trip home. Alyssa and I just listened to Brenna tell us her camp stories and then by the time we got to Marysville we had no choice but to stop for lunch and a break. Brenna was car sick (no, she didn't eat much for lunch). The fresh air did her some good and having a little something in her stomach again seemed to help her. The poor girl! I think the combination of being warm and being very tired is what did her in.

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