Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fun in the pool...

Has this weather just been great or what? We set the pool up on Memorial Day and had it ready to go for this great weather! The neighbor kids have been over swimming with the kids and they have all had such a blast. It is so weird to not be in the pool with Ethan this year. No worries...we are right at the edge of the pool and he has on a floatation device. He can also touch the bottom with no problems. Last year, the water was up to his chin so we were still in the pool with him keeping him comfortable. This year, the water is "down" to his mid-chest. That little guy has grown a bunch in the last year. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy.
Alyssa...our little fish! This girl is crazy in the water.
Ethan and Carter are pretty proud of themselves. They don't need the mommies in the water with them.
Taking a pool break and going down the slip-n-slide.
Everyone ready for a break from the cold water. Of course, they all thought they needed Otter Pops...go figure. It's just more cold to their They were back in the pool shortly after this though.
What a goof! Ethan thought he needed to try out a pair of goggles. And, why not? His sisters won't go in the pool with out their face masks.

This beautiful weather with high temps has really helped warm up the water. The kids were in the pool tonight after dinner and not once did I hear from anyone that they were cold.

Tomorrow is suppose to be another out pool, here we come!


Kristy Wind said...

I want to come for a swim!!! Where was that when we did our scavenger hunt? :)

Tanya said...

Wayne was looking with me, and the second to last picture came up, his comment was, "Oooh, lots of stuff mom!" Too funny. Your backyard is looking well used!

Ashley said...

Thank you so much for putting up with my kids! They have been having soooo much fun in that pool! You guys are the best neighbors!!!

Janice said...

I miss having a pool - maybe someday we'll get another one with a floating lounger for me - forget the kids!! Fun pictures!