Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ski to Sea Race...finally!

Okay, okay...I realize that I am really behind on my blogging. I have had all the pictures ready to go but things around here have been a little crazy. So, as my dear sis-in-law likes to call goes the "blogging bonanza".

Sunday, May 24th was Ski to Sea Race day! It has been an annual tradition for us to follow the race with our friends Randy and Janice. Randy has always participated in the final leg...kayaking. Last year, however, the team took a sabbatical due to health issues with one of the team members. We had most everyone back this year with a few new faces.

We start the day off at Riverside Park, which is where the road bike leg ends and the canoe leg begins. For us, it's the perfect hand-off spot, because my brother and his wife life right there and Janice and I can call in our coffee orders to go...Thanks Tanya!

Here is a hand-off in action. Sadly, I didn't get our team's hand-off but that all happened so fast nobody could get their camera up fast enough. (See the garage doors across the street? That's where my brother and family lives.)
Randy with Dennis, our biker, after he crossed the finish line. They are checking out the stop watch on Dennis' bike. Dennis always times himself coming down from the mountain.
Randy holding up not only the bike, but Dennis too. Dennis was the one out with health issues last year and he was able to return this year...PRAISE GOD!
Once we leave the park, we grab lunch and get Randy ready for his part of the race. We load up and head off to Squalicum Harbor. Janice and I drop Randy and Jason off up close so they can get the kayak to where it needs to go and then we venture off in hopes of finding a "close" parking space. I think this year beat all other years with how close we got.

We usually have about 90 minutes at the harbor before Randy is ready to go. This year, there were a lot of sound system issues. So, Randy and Janice ended up going and waiting at the hand off point so they could hear the 5-minute out calls. Jason and I stayed with the kayak and waited for Janice to call my cell phone so we could have the kayak in position ready to head down the ramp.
Dan and Marla Raske met us down at the harbor so Dan was able to help Jason get the kayak out on the path way so Randy could just run up and grab the handle of the boat and go.
Jason helps Randy get the kayak down the ramp and in the water. The goal at this point, for Jason, is to not let the kayak tip once it's in the water. Jason is always so relieved once Randy is off and going and still dry! At this point, we all start yelling "Go Randy!"
We watch him just until he paddles around the bend and then we do a very fast walk (we are building up to a run!) back to the van and fight the traffic all the way down into Fairhaven to Marine Park. We are always so thankful for our kayak pass to get us as close as possible. We then take off "walking" at another fast pace to get down to the water, in hopes to not miss Randy coming in. There has only been one year that we almost missed him. Randy paddles 5 miles...his legs are numb by the time he hits shore again.
We had gorgeous weather this year for the race. It was a great day for all of the racers. I don't think our team had any major injuries, which is always a huge blessing! We all enjoyed a wonderful meal together back at Randy and Janice's with the team.

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Janice said...

I need copies of your pictures ok? I have some for you too! Great times - great memories - great iced lattes!! :-)