Monday, June 22, 2009

Hi Ho, Hi Ho It's Off To Camp We Go!

This morning Brenna and I left at 7:30 with her good friend EmmaRae and EmmaRae's mom, Janet, and headed to Camp Gilead in Carnation. The girls were so excited and chitter, chatted all the way. It was a long 2 hour car ride for the girls. They just couldn't wait to get to camp. As soon as we turned on to Carnation Farm Road they were squealing with excitement. When we arrived, we went and checked the girls in and got their cabin assignment, Cabin 9, and then headed back to the car for their stuff for the week. When we arrived at their cabin, we found their counselor, Teanna Alsum. Janet and I were absolutely thrilled! Teanna attends our church with her family and is a sweet, sweet girl!! There is another very sweet girl from our church who is a counselor at camp this year as well and we would have been just as thrilled to have her. It was so nice to know that we were leaving the girls with someone that we knew and who we knew would take care of them.
The girls immediately found their bunks.
They met a girl, Larissa, who is in their cabin. Larissa has never attended camp before and is there with no friends...she is alone :( Brenna and EmmaRae immediately invited her to join them. Brenna is sharing her double bed with Larissa and before we left, the three girls had already been to the playground together.
This is what we found the girls doing as we were leaving. I think they are going to have a great week and I think they have made a great new friend!
I'm excited to find out about Brenna's week and to see her on Saturday. Jason will have to work so Ethan will go spend some time with his cousins and Alyssa will join me in going to get Brenna. It's not going to be a quiet ride home...hehehe :)


Tanya said...

You better have two shots on the way down to get her, and two shots on the way back! She is going to by CHATTY!

Snow Mommy said...

Wow, I remember those days of being sooo excited to go to camp. Hope she has a great week.....send her letters to make her sing!

Tanya said...

They don't have the kids sing any more. The kids can receive as many letters and emails possible. It's the packages that send them to the "Wheel of Misfortune". Sometimes they lose utensils for a meal for their entire cabin, "polar bear" swim for the cabin, dunk tank for their counselor, kiss "Bucky" the moose head, etc. It's a lot of fun. Brenna will be spinning the wheel every day! Oh yeah, they also help the parents save on postage with these packages too...they have boxes set out by the office on Monday morning for each day of the week for parents to drop off their packages for campers to receive throughout the week. Makes life much easier during the week...not running to the post office ever day.

Janice said...

Fun memories! I don't think Emily's ever gone to camp - isn't that sad!! She never could find a friend to go with! Can't wait to hear from Brenna all her camp stories - and to scrap her pictures - we'll need another evening - maybe all 3 of us!!