Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday already???!!!

Wow, where did this week go? It definitely feels like a weekend but it's hard to believe that the weekend is really here. Monday afternoon and evening we adjusted to being a 4 person family after taking Brenna down to camp. There was very much a different dynamic between the two kiddos here at home. They seemed to play really well and Alyssa didn't really take the "being the oldest child" syndrome to heart until Thursday evening. We quickly reminded her of how it felt to be bossed around.

Alyssa enjoyed her week of VBS. It was nice to have something for her to do while Brenna was away. Ethan was home with me and the of the daycare kids we had throughout the week. Each day there seemed to be someone different for Ethan to play with so that was nice.

Wednesday brought a not so nice surprise. While dropping Alyssa and Dillon off at VBS, the van decided to blow a hose. Thankfully, it waited until I was in the parking lot. And, actually, I was inside the church when it all happened. I walked out thinking, wow there's a lot of steam coming from that vehicle (I couldn't see the actual vehicle itself from where I was) and quickly realized, as I was walking closer to where I had parked, that the vehicle that was steaming was my van. So, I called my friend Misty to meet up with Case, the little boy that I was suppose to be picking up from McDonalds, called my mom to come rescue me from the church parking lot and she watched Ethan and Case while I went back to the church parking lot to meet the tow truck and then followed the tow truck with van in tow to the repair shop. Of course, it wasn't a "simple" hose fix. No, it was a hose that had to be ordered in because of a special fitting it required. GREAT! By Thursday afternoon, we had the van back and were back to a 2-car family.

Friday was spent getting ready for Brenna to come home. Alyssa and her bestest friend/cousin in the whole wide world (her words) spent the afternoon making a welcome home sign for Brenna. It looks great and I will get a picture of it up later. Ethan spent the night with his buddy/cousin Wayne because there is no way he was going to make the early trip down to camp and let the rest of us enjoy ourselves...too long for him.

Now, Alyssa and I are off to get Brenna. Jason had to work this morning so he isn't able to make the trip with us. We are excited to get down to Brenna and to hear all about her week. Hope to have pictures for you all later!

Have a great weekend!

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Tanya said...

Ethan-monster did great! They slept until 6:45 this morning, and there were no middle of the night shananigans from either him or Wayne. They are just so cute together... such buddies. Hope you had a safe and uneventful drive.