Monday, June 22, 2009

Family Day at the Bay

Saturday morning was a low tide and a great day for some fun on the beach. So, Mom and Duane invited all of us out to their "beach house". We met at the Birch Bay State Park and Duane and Tyler headed out to dig for some clams. The women stayed with the kiddos while they all played in the sand. It was fun to watch them all dig, build sand castles, and then knock them down. At the end of our beach time, the boys were all getting a little "crabby" themselves and all of the kids were wet and sandy.
Brenna was excited about the sand dollars that she was finding on the beach.
Before leaving the beach, Mom had food for the kids to feed the seagulls.
Once we made it back to the "beach house" the kids hung out inside for a little while with craft projects that Grammy had waiting for them.

Jason had to work in the morning so he missed out on our beach time but he was able to meet up with us back at the "beach house" to enjoy the great food we were having for lunch. It was fun to have everyone together...we missed Todd though because he was at work. It was fun to just take time to hang out and enjoy each others company. It's been awhile since we've been able to spend that much time together as a family.

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