Sunday, June 14, 2009

A long post...lots to catch up on

I just realized that it has been 12 days since I have blogged. Oh my! These days are flying by and have been very busy. Where to start...

Last Thursday evening, June 4th, we attended a high school graduation for Brandon Korthuis. It was such an honor to be there for him. He has been one of my "kids" since he was very little. It is sad to think that he will be leaving for college in the fall but we are excited for what God has planned for his life. We are going to miss him! Ethan is going to miss him at church. He always gets so excited when he sees Brandon in the halls.

Saturday, the 6th, was a busy day at home. We spent time in the yard getting the lawn mowed and the flower beds weeded and so much more. The kids were having fun playing with the neighbor kids. Ethan and Carter, the neighbor boy who is just a month older than Ethan, were on their motorized vehicles.

It was just a matter of time before this was going to happen. WIPE OUT! It wasn't bad but they weren't very happy with each other. But, the fun continued once we got the front wheels separated.

This last week was our final week of school. Of course, it was spirit week. This meant that each day the kids were dressing up...twin day, sports day, tropical day, and crazy hair/hat day. Thursday, the 11th, was field day and of course, I had signed up to volunteer for this event. It was a lot of fun actually. There were 6 or 7 different inflatables for the kids to go on and then our PE teacher had other activities set up for them to do...obstacle course, bean bag launch (using a sling shot type set-up), and other things.
For Brenna's grade, I was assigned to the "Bulldozer" station. Brenna is demonstrating for you how this station works. :) The kids would crawl inside these boxes and move them down the field, a short distance, while racing against a buddy. This was a slow station. With the older kids, it's a free for all. They don't have to do every station. I think I had about 10 groups come through to do this in an hour and 40 minutes. I am so glad there was another mom there with me. We spent a lot of time soaking up the sun and catching up on how the school year had gone and what our summer plans were.

I am so glad that Brenna is still into having her picture taken with her mom!! This was the best picture I was able to get of Brenna during field day. I wasn't able to get around and get pictures of her doing other things. :(

Alyssa's grade was after lunch. I was a group leader for half of her class. It was fun because we had our cousin Kylie, Alyssa's best friend in the whole world as she puts it, with us in our group.

They bounced themselves silly in the bouncy house.

Alyssa loved the BIG slide. It was even faster once Mr. VanderYacht when down it with the dusting spray! I bet you didn't know that's what they used on these slides to make them "work".

Thursday night was also Family Fun Night. They had a Hot Dog feed with other yummy food and a carnival set up...and yes, the inflatables from the earlier Field Day were still there for the kids to use.

Ethan was having so much fun with all of the games. He was very proud of himself for figuring them out all by himself. I'm thinking he is going to be needing some golf lessons at some point. This stance just doesn't look right. That, and they really need golf clubs that fit him at these events. He takes his golfing seriously as you can see by the look of determination on his face. He was not accepting any help from Daddy.

Alyssa was so good about sticking with her brother and going on all of the fun inflatables with him. Here they are waiting patiently, NOT, for their turn in the bouncy house. It was all we could to keep Ethan out until it was their turn. He was so excited.

Then it was the BIG slide. This was just after Mr. VanderYacht had taken the dusting spray to it. And, as you can see by Ethan's face, he had no fear of this. Just pure enjoyment. He would get to the bottom and try to take off back up the stairs to the top. He was having such a hard time waiting his turn. Thankfully there weren't a lot of kids at the time so his turns would come quickly. But, the longer we were there, the longer the line would get. He eventually gave up on waiting and moved on to other activities.

Brenna is obviously getting older because she had no interest in hanging out with her family at this event. I did, however, catch up with her and some of her friends to get a a few pictures. Here is the crazy bunch waiting to do the "Bungee Run".
Brenna was going against her friend Hope. They were seeing who could stick their bean bag the furthest. It was fun to watch because when they would lose their footing, the bungee cords would pull them back and they would laugh so hard.
Friday, the 12th, was the last day of school and was just a 1/2 day. I think Brenna spent most of her time at school that day in the halls for year book signing and having snacks all morning.
Saturday morning Jason had to go to work and I took the kids to the fishing derby at the Lynden City Park. We had told the kids we would do this before we knew that Jason was going to have to work. Our friends, Mark and Misty Kok, live right across from the park and serve breakfast every year before the fishing derby for their family and friends. They do an amazing job!! They were so great about helping me with the kids. They had poles and bate for them. (We have none of this type of stuff at our house.) I was so upset with myself when I got there because I realized that I had forgotten my camera. Misty's aunt, however, took pictures of us and will be getting those pictures to me hopefully this week. So, I will try to get pictures up later this week. Once the derby began, I realized that there was no way I could have taken pictures. I was so busy helping Ethan with his pole and reeling in the fish. Each one of the kids caught 2 fish. The girls thought it was fun at first until they watched what happened once the fish were caught. They weren't too excited after that but were willing to go for their second one. (Each child was allowed to catch 2 fish during the derby.) We weren't going for any prizes...other than what they gave each child for participating...we were just there to have some fun. Remind me though to never do that event again without our daddy there. I was just a little overwhelmed.
Once we had our fish, the kids wanted to know what we were going to do with them. I suggested that we call Uncle Tyler and Aunt Tanya to see if they could help us out. With Jason having a fish allergy, I'm afraid to have raw fish around the house. So, my dear brother cleaned the fish for us, my sis-in-law got the brine ready for them to be "marinated" in over night, and from what I'm told, the fish are going in the smoker tonight (or tomorrow, whichever). Once the fish is in a container, I am safe to have it around. The kids are looking forward to having their smoked fish with cream cheese on crackers for snack time later this week. We will have to have this while Daddy is at work because this use to be one of his favorite snacks as well.
This week we will be getting ready to send Brenna off to camp. I will try to be better about posting during the week and will be sure to get pictures from Saturday up as soon as I get them.
Have an amazing week and thanks for being so patient with me in my lack of blogging. I will try to get better!!

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