Thursday, May 21, 2009

Afternoon at the Park...and more

This afternoon, my sis-in-law and her boys were over and we decided to take all of the kids to the park once the girls got home from school. So, 3:25 rolled around and the girls got off the bus and quickly changed into shorts and tank tops and off we went to enjoy a beautiful afternoon at the park.
The 4 "big" kids all started off on their scooters but after the 1st block and many, many "breaks" for the boys, their scooters were folded up, the mommy's were carrying them (Wayne's rode in the stroller basket, and the boys were walking. Yes, they walked all the way to the park. The girls continued on their scooters waiting for us at the end of each block.

The kids had a great time playing and running around. Here's Brenna just "hanging around."
Brenna and the boys...the boys did really good at staying on this thing...Go Ethan and Wayne!
I love these next pictures of Alyssa...action shots!
While we were at the park we got a call from my mom that Duane was able to get a load of sand for our tractor tire. Ethan is so excited that he FINALLY has a sand "box".
Ethan was very happy to "jump in" and help get the sand to where it needed to go. Here he is getting the sand off of the top of the tire and down inside. He wasn't going to lose any of his sand.
I don't think we will be running around from neighbor to neighbor looking for him...he will now be in the sand "box"! He has become very possessive over it already. He informed the girls that it was for only boys and that only his buddy Wayne could play in it with him. We will see how long that lasts.

Okay, one more picture...after taking pictures of the sand "box", I was walking around the yard and noticed how beautiful my "bridal's veil" bush was looking. (I have no idea what the "real" name is...I just remember my sis-in-law calling it this when we first got it from her mom.) This is the best it has looked since we got it. I'm loving it!!
**Update on the house...we have shown it once this week to a couple that was just starting to look at homes in the Lynden area. They are down-sizing and moving from a BIG house in Oak Harbor. Not getting my hopes up...espcially since we haven't heard from them again. I did notice that there was only 1 flyer left in the info box so I better get more of those printed and ready for the weekend. Thanks to those of you praying. It means a lot!!


Tanya said...

Thanks for leaving out that it was Wayne who was the true slow poke on the way to the park! :-) Love the pics of the girls, they had lots of patience with the younger boys. Fun times were had by all!

Ashley said...

Looks like Alyssa recovered nicely and the scooter must have been okay! You were hoping that she would get back into riding bikes...and she did! The sand boxes look great, and so does mine now thanks to you!

Janice said...

I have fun memories of the "going to the park days"..........oh so long ago!! :-( My baby boy graduates in 12 days!!!!