Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Padilla Bay

Last Friday, May 8th, I had the privilege of joining Brenna's 4th grade class, and the other 2 4th grade classes, on a field trip to Padilla Bay. This was part of their Science unit at school. The kids were very well behaved and excited to learn what the people at Padilla Bay had to teach them.
The kids got to dig in the sand looking for creatures. Each group had a shovel to dig with and then a tray and jar to put our findings in. We also had a clipboard with a very helpful sheet on it...helped us identify the creatures that we found.
This was my group of kids...they were so good and made the day a lot of fun!
Mrs. Crane's 4th grade class...
We were able to view this "sun star" creature in the indoor aquarium. I think I counted 16 legs. It was huge!
Later in the afternoon, we were able to see some of the same creatures that we found on the beach under the microscopes...way cool! The barnacles, under the microscope, were my favorite. To the naked eye they look like little sharp nasty things that cut our feet. Under the microscope they look much different.
We had an amazing time and God gave us some great weather!

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Janice said...

It seems like just a couple years ago I did this trip with Brandon - and now he's graduating!! We caught a sunstar just like that in our shrimp pot last week! You are just the blogging momma!