Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was great! The girls each had special gifts for me that they had made at school.
After church, we stopped to see Jason's parents for a little while and then headed over to Tyler and Tanya's to have lunch with my family. It was nice to have such great weather, for at least the first half of the day.
This year was my sister's first Mother's Day. I had to make sure I featured her and beautiful Paige here!
It was fun to have the kids together and to watch them all play.
My brother makes some amazing BBQ chicken...mmm, yum...and is amazing with his grilling skills. My sister had made asparagus wrapped in bacon to BBQ and we ended up with a "flaming" surprise when Tyler opened the lid of the grill to check them. The Asparagus were perfect! Great save Tyler!!
The kids got very crazy after lunch with some more outdoor toys and were having a blast together. It was such a blessing to just sit and listen to them all laughing and to watch them run. I am so thankful for my healthy children and nieces and nephews! Our family has been blessed with some amazing children!


Janice said...

Nothing like a good man who can barbeque!!

Tanya said...

We love to spice up the neighborhood with squeeling, screaming HAPPY kids! They are all so fun, each special in their own way. Can't wait to see Paige joining in with the crazies!