Saturday, May 2, 2009

Garage Sale weekend

Today was our annual garage sale and this year we were able to have it at my sister's new home. In past years, it has always been at our house. Here are the girls (Alyssa, Brenna Marie and Brenna Rose) eating their donuts before the sale started this morning.
Last year, my mom started a bake sale for the kids to earn money. They usually go over and help some the day before and make signs for everything. Here they are set and ready to go. They would get so excited when people would approach their table. It was fun to watch.

These girls made off good this year! They can't wait to go shopping. (Thanks Grammy for giving the girls a very fun way to earn money.)


Tanya said...

We start 'em young... love the Woods cups!

Janice said...

Great idea!! Now they just need to start doing the baking themselves!! :-) They have had lessons!! :-)