Saturday, May 2, 2009

1st visit to the dentist

Thursday afternoon was filled with polishing, rinsing, exams, and prizes. The kids had dental appointments and it was Ethan's first official visit. (They let him sit in the chair the last time the girls had appointments but didn't do anything with him.)

Ethan was excited to be in the chair "for real" this time and did an amazing job. Of course, he pulled "Mr. Shy Boy" with the hygenist but eventually warmed up.
His favorite thing was "Mr. Sucky". He would clamp down on this thing and would not let go and would get this silly little look on his face. It was the cutest thing!
He was amazing when Dr. Clough did his examination. Dr. Clough is very high-tech and has a special camera that he uses for us to see pictures of our teeth on a computer screen. Of course, he started out by taking pictures of Ethan's face and fingers to start out with and then got inside his mouth to take pictures of all of his teeth. Ethan was very excited to see his teeth on the computer screen.
At the end of his exam, he got a bag filled with "fun" stuff. He was so proud of his goody bag...a new Tigger toothbrush, toothpaste, spool of floss, and dino flossers.
Once he was finished "riding" in the chair, he got to pick out a prize. This was almost overwhelming for him...there were so many things to pick from. He eventually settled on a bendable lion and of course, he named it Alex. (Madagascar is his favorite movie!)
Next up was the girls and they did great!

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Amy Scheib said...

That is so funny! Dr. Clough was my dentist when I was a kid and lived up there. He is so AWESOME! I am glad they all did so well.