Sunday, May 17, 2009

Summer time fun...oops, I mean Spring time fun

Today felt like summer! When I got home from Bellingham, I found the kids getting ready to go on the neighbor's slip-n-slide. We got everyone sunscreened and sent them on their way...6 kids, 2 small wading pools, a slip-n-slide, and a whole lot of fun just waiting to be had. Wait, make that 2 slip-n-slides because the first one will be being replaced...many holes were discovered when it was put into use.

It was so fun to have all the neighbor kids together in one yard watching them just be silly and having fun.
Alyssa taking the first run on the slip-n-slide.
Go Brenna!
Ethan, Carter and Emma hanging out in the wading pools.
6 kids...1 wading pool...too much fun!
Wild and crazy kids! More of this fun to come this summer! sunburned mommy. ( picture of the mommy to go with this.) I'm beginning to feel the burn tonight across my back...that's what I get for wearing a tank top today. I didn't even think about sunscreen...I was too busy taking pictures. I really didn't think I was outside that long...long enough I guess.


Ashley said...

Love the picture where all six are running in different directions...I don't think I managed to get all of them in the same picture,(besides the pool one)so nice job!

Janice said...

Fun stuff!! It seems like we were just doing that with my kids! Your kids will have great memories!