Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sleepover at our house

Trisha and the girls were over Monday night and before leaving, all three BIG girls come running up to me jumping around like crazy people and giggling. I finally get out of them what they were wanting...a SLEEPOVER. The "please"s and the giggles wouldn't stop. If only I had a picture of all the commotion that went on before I broke down and said yes. So, Trisha went home and got everything that her Brenna would need.

The picture is from Tuesday morning when Paige and Trisha returned. Brenna and Paige were going to be spending the morning with us so Trisha could deliver tomatoes to all of the local Haggens. We decided it would be fun to get a picture of all the kids...minus the nephews...having a sleepover at our house. (Paige had her first sleepover at auntie's house last week but we didn't get a picture of that so this will have to make up for that.)

What will it be like when they ALL decide they want to stay at auntie's house? Will I have enough energy for them all?

Wayne and Weston will come next week for their first sleepover at auntie's house while Tyler and Tanya will be at the hospital. Next week is BABY WEEK!!!!! Hmmmm...will I get a niece or nephew? The suspense is killing me!

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Tanya said...

Poor Ethan, tell him to hang in there, his buddies will be there soon! The only boy in that herd of pink...scary. Time will tell which side the new baby will be joining... can't wait!