Wednesday, August 5, 2009

2nd house showing

I got a call today at 1:30 from a realtor who had shown our house last Monday. His clients have narrowed their selections down to three and we are one of the three. Anyway, the wife of the couple was wanting to show the three houses to their daughters. So, they all arrived at 2:45 today and stayed for about 20 minutes. They all seemed to really like the house and the yard. Please pray with us about this. Selling the house right now would be a huge answer to prayer. I am hoping to hear from the realtor in the next day or two regarding their decision. It would be so awesome if we could go on vacation this next week knowing that we were in the final stretch of selling the house.

Oh yeah, they wanted to know if we would be willing to do a quick closing and be out in a couple of weeks. I told them yes. So, I hope you all have an empty room...we may be moving in...hahaha! We are not even going to start looking for a rental until we have a signed deal! I refuse to get my hopes up. We did that to ourselves last year...someone was deciding between us and another house and we went looking for rentals only to find out that they went for the other house.

We just keep trusting in God's timing. We will let you know what we find out...


Janice said...

Wow girlfriend! I'm so outta touch with you! We'll pray hard!! We can always store some of your stuff upstairs in the shop! We need to have coffee! Where are you going on vacation? We leave Friday with Alan and Claudia in our boats until Tues.

Ashley said...

As much as we want to keep you here, we'll pray that it sells!