Friday, August 28, 2009

2nd visit to the Fair

Saturday morning was a day to get things done around here and just hang out together as a family and do a few things in Bellingham. We got a surprise visit from our sweet friend Emily and her friend Jerrika. They came by with free tickets to the fair and were wondering if we wanted them to take the kids back. WOW! They had a ticket for all of us. Of course, we accepted the tickets. The kids were so excited.

Brenna was already returning to the fair on Saturday with my sister and her family so their daughter, Brenna, would have someone to do rides with. Alyssa wasn't thrilled that she wouldn't be going back but was being a real trooper. So, when we got the free tickets, we told her that we would pay for her to go on 1 ride with the other two girls. I think we got the "Best Parents Ever" award when we told her this.

So, once Brenna left with my sister and family, the rest of us took off to Bellingham to do the errands that we needed to do and hurried home so we could get to the fair.

We eventually met up with the McPhail family and Brenna. We watched Brenna and Brenna do a few rides together and finally made it to the ride that Alyssa had been waiting all day to go on...The Hang Gliders. Alyssa had wanted to go on this ride the day we were at the fair as a family but Brenna wasn't sure about it. That is, until she talked to her BFF on Friday who told her The Hang Glider was fun and not scary. So, she decided she would do it on Saturday. This made Alyssa sad and this is why we told her we would pay for her to go on it when we went back.

Here they are waiting as patiently as they could. It was so hard for them to contain their excitement.
They started giggling the moment they got on the ride.
And, off they went...flying up and soaring down. They loved the ride so much. I don't think we will be able to keep them off of it next year.
After the rides, we told Ethan we would go back and check on "his" cow. And look what we found! She had had her calf at 11:02 am on Saturday. So it wasn't even 12 hours old when he got to see it. He was so excited. It was the cutest thing.
Before leaving the fair, for the year this time, we went to visit the Agriculture Building. Every year they have "Twister" the cow that the kids can "milk" and the wooden old couple that they put their faces through for a picture. This year, however, they had the John Deere tractor. I thought this was so cute and was so glad we decided to stop in before leaving.

We had a great time at the fair this year with yummy food and lots of fun and we took three very tired kids home on Saturday night. In fact, Alyssa almost fell asleep on the bus...we took the free fair buses to and from the fair this trying to find a parking spot down town and walking several blocks and wearing the kids out before we even get in the fair gates.

The kids are really looking forward to the fair next year. I can only imagine what rides we will be doing then. We will have an 11-year old, an 8-year old and a 5-year old. And, they will all be tall enough for all of the rides in the "Big Kid" Carnival. Aagh!!!

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