Friday, August 7, 2009

Waiting...the hardest thing I have to do

I don't know about you, but waiting is very hard for me. My heart stops every time the phone rings. Is it the realtor? Nope! Maybe next time.

We have yet to hear anything regarding our house. We know things will happen in God's timing and rest in that...or for me, try to rest in that. I am trying to keep myself busy around here, trying to find different things to do. How many times can I clean a room and sort through closets? Anything to keep me from driving myself crazy just thinking about the possibility of our house selling. I should be out mowing the lawn...maybe I will do that after lunch. Again, anything to keep me busy.

For now, just keep praying. That's all we can do until we hear from the realtor. Be watching here for an update. I will post as soon as we hear. Okay, back to the "busy work".

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Kristy Wind said...

Well, if you need to find busy stuff you could always come help me pack!!!! I'll be praying that it works out and hopefully this time is meant to be!